Here’s What Jessica Simpson Wants From Her Ex John Mayer



It’s been years since their split, but many fans have always wondered if Jessica Simpson wants John Mayer to apologize for his controversial comments following their breakup in 2007. One memoir, a husband, and three kids later, the “With You” singer has finally opened up about what she’s expecting from her ex—and the answer may surprise you.

Simpson, 40, doesn’t even want a public apology from Mayer, 43, who she dated on-and-off following her divorce from Nick Lachey in 2006. In a sneak peek of her March 26 interview with Tamron Hall, the Open Book author reveals that the reason she decided to include stories about her rocky relationship with Mayer in her 2020 memoir has nothing to do with forcing an apology. “No, I definitely don’t feel that I am owed a public apology,” Simpson says in the exclusive clip. “I mean, you can’t take it back. And I’m a very forgiving person but I’m also honest. So, in the memoir, if I’m gonna talk about stuff that caused me pain, I’m going to be honest about it. And that was a time in my life that I was very manipulated and also in love, or seemingly.”


The actress opened up about the “Gravity” singer at length in her memoir, which was released in paperback on March 23, 2021. In one passage, Simpson reveals that Mayer once “told me he was obsessed with me, sexually and emotionally.” Years after their split, Mayer went on to reveal private details about their sex life in an interview with Playboy. “The girl is like crack cocaine to me. Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm,” he told the magazine in 2010.

a woman talking on a cell phone: jessica simpson open book Here’s What Jessica Simpson Wants From Her Ex John Mayer

 jessica simpson open book Here’s What Jessica Simpson Wants From Her Ex John Mayer
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During her interview with Hall, Simpson discussed moving on with her husband, Eric Johnson, with whom she shares three kids—Birdie Mae, Maxwell Drew, and Ace Knute.  “Now that I have the love of Eric, it’s just such a different thing,” she said, noting that she doesn’t think there’s a “need” for an apology from Mayer anymore.

“I wouldn’t expect an apology. I don’t think there’s a need for an apology. I feel like people end up finding their way to let you know they’re sorry. And [Mayer] might not be sorry, and that’s okay. We were kind of, like, on-off, on-off at that time,” she added. “But to talk about anybody sexually was kind of disrespectful, but that’s on him.”

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