How Long Should New Couples Wait To Travel Together?


The beginning of a new relationship is a thrilling time filled with laughter and exciting experiences. As the initial excitement permeates your every moment, the prospect of booking a vacation together may emerge, sparking the question: Is it too soon? According to therapist Michelle Herzog, taking a trip with your newfound partner can be an illuminating gauge of your future as a couple.

In a conversation with Travel+Leisure, Herzog delves into the transformative power of travel in unraveling the intricacies of a budding relationship. Venturing beyond the romance of candlelit dinners and moonlit strolls, a shared trip unravels how you and your partner navigate the challenges of travel-induced stress and adapt to the nuances of reduced privacy.

The question of when to embark on this joint adventure lingers, with Herzog emphasizing the importance of considering the comfort levels of both partners. Open communication stands as the linchpin of this decision-making process. Before packing your bags, engage in heartfelt conversations about transportation, activities, and expectations for the trip.

Continuous check-ins during the journey are not just a courtesy but a practice that fortifies communication habits crucial for the longevity of the relationship. Herzog encourages couples to pose pivotal questions: What kind of experience are we seeking? How much are we willing to spend? Unveil your financial landscapes, aligning on a budget to sidestep potential disagreements.

Peeling back the layers of compatibility, understand each other’s travel styles. Explore energy levels, preferences, and needs to foster a deeper connection amid the exotic landscapes. As you map out the itinerary of your shared escapade, the key lies in transparency, openness, and a mutual commitment to turning the pages of your story together, one adventure at a time.

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