How to solve the most common relationship problems


Intimate relationships take a lot of work, and even the strongest ones run into problems sometimes. With both of you tired from work, in-laws getting on your nerves, or the kids in trouble at school, these are all normal factors that can cause some trouble in a relationship. But life will never cease to throw all kinds of challenges at you—it just takes effort to work through them. Relationships only survive when people have the capacity to find shared ground, commit to one another, and overcome challenges.

So take a look at the most common relationship problems couples tend to have, and discover how you and your partner can work together towards a happy and healthy relationship.

Lack of trustLack of trust

Lack of trust doesn’t always relate to infidelity. It can appear anytime and constantly create doubt between partners. To work past this, both should work on being consistent and trustworthy. Call when you say you’ll call, and never lie. Showing respect also helps to build trust.


Life can sometimes be too much and overwhelm you. Whatever the reason, it can put a strain on your relationship. When this happens, lean on each other for support.

Not prioritizing each otherNot prioritizing each other

When you have a lot of things going on, it can be easy to take your partner for granted. Make time for each other every single day, even if you’re busy. Don’t forget to also text regularly throughout the day.

Money stressMoney stress

Money is a leading cause of stress in relationships. One of the tips to fix issues regarding finances is to have a serious conversation about money. Figure out what your budget is and stick to it. Also, work out a financial plan for the future and the steps you need to take together.

Changing prioritiesChanging priorities

It’s normal for us to change as we move through life. And changing once shared priorities can cause a lot of conflicts. Look for common ground, and find a compromise that you are both happy with.


Children require a lot of attention and effort. This can cause a strain on the relationship, especially when partners disagree on how to raise them. Talk to your partner about why they think something should be done differently, and share your opinion. This will help you understand each other.

Chore warsChore wars

It’s easy to lose your temper when it feels like you’re the only one taking out the trash or doing the dishes. Agree together on who is responsible for what, and stick to it. Of course, a little flexibility should be factored in when someone is busier than usual.

Different intimacy needsDifferent intimacy needs

Problems with intimacy can be stressful and have a big impact on your relationship. It’s important to have a serious talk and carve out time for you to be both emotionally and physically close.

Lack of appreciationLack of appreciation

Being taken for granted is one of the biggest reasons for breakups. Make sure you show appreciation, because that’s what keeps us motivated and committed.


A partner’s addiction can cause a significant effect on the family and couple’s overall happiness. Counseling and therapy can be enormously helpful as it helps both partners deal with the issues that inevitably arise


Infidelity means various things to different people. Talking about what infidelity is for you and your partner is important. However, when it has happened, the couple can try to regain trust and rebuild, or end the relationship.


When we get into a relationship, we want to share everything with the one we love. But this can lead to feelings of losing one’s individuality and freedom. Think of areas that you want to keep to yourself, like a hobby or sport. Explain this to your partner, so they don’t feel rejected.

Significant differencesSignificant differences

When there is a critical difference in core values and the way partners approach life, then conflict is bound to happen. To solve this, you need to reflect on what kind of changes you both need to make in order for the relationship to survive.


Some signs of jealousy include asking for your whereabouts, distrusting you, checking up on you, or distancing you. If your partner is jealous, try to be transparent, predictable, and honest. Give them time to trust you. But for this to be solved, they need to make an effort to change their behavior.

Growing apartGrowing apart

Drifting apart can happen slowly, and you won’t even notice it until you wake up one day and realize that you haven’t been intimate for a long time. So when you notice the signs, it is time to act. Make time for each other to reconnect.

Unrealistic expectationsUnrealistic expectations

Having unrealistic expectations is normal for humans. However, this can lead to tons of misunderstandings and frustration. Ask yourself, what is it you feel entitled to? When you understand what your expectations are, and your partner doesn’t meet them, then you can ask for different wishes.

Lack of supportLack of support

Lack of support from a partner can lead to feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Talking about what we need and what we can provide will clear the air around a lot of issues. This way your partner can work on being the main pillars of encouragement and comfort again.

Lack of responsibilityLack of responsibility

When one of the partners avoids taking responsibility, it can cause severe damage to the partnership. Responsibility needs to be distributed equally. But to address it, don’t play the blame game. Also, if the change is to be long-lasting, it needs to happen gradually.

Outside influencesOutside influences

All couples are exposed to outside influences and opinions. However, your relationship comes first, and everyone else’s opinion is secondary. Therefore, show each other support.

Moving at different speedsMoving at different speeds

If you feel like the relationship is moving too fast or too slowly, it can make you terribly upset over seemingly little things. You might even question the relationship. You need to address it in order to understand how to find the middle ground, and meet both of your needs.


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