It’s 7 am. Do You Know Where Your Orgasm Is?


If you’re not engaging in morning sex on the regular then you are seriously missing out. Why? Turns out women might be hardwired to want it then.

You’ve probably figured out by now that most guys are raring to go right when they wake up. (Hey, it’s not called “afternoon wood”.) What may not be as obvious (for various reasons we’ll explain) is that your body is likely most primed for sex in those early hours too.

According to a new study from Harvard University, females’ circadian rhythms are slightly different than men’s and they’re biologically designed to be energized in the morning, but totally beat before going to bed. And by always making sex a pre-sleep activity, you’re forced to go against your natural urge to veg out during the evening. So if what our bodies want is sex after the alarm clock sounds, why aren’t we all doing it? Experts say that women often fight the a.m. desire because they don’t feel great about how they look (or how their breath smells), they immediately check their phones then fall into the libido-killing trap of responding to work emails, or—most likely—they’re just so rushed that they know there’s not enough time for enjoyable booty.
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Luckily, we have tricks that will ensure your sunrise sex session is totally appealing and super pleasurable.

Ditch the Pajamas

Get into bed totally naked and then strip him down too. Feel free to hook up but keep it PG-13. Sure, you may give each other a case of blue balls, but think of it as an anticipation-building exercise. So when you wake up with nothing between his skin and yours and your last waking memory was of making out, sex will be the first thing on your mind.

Keep the Curtains Down and the Lights Low

If your bedroom is dark, you won’t be freaking out over if your eye makeup is smudged or that zip code zit on your chin is noticeable.

Focus on Each Other’s Necks, Nips, and Shoulders

Let’s be honest: kissing before brushing can be a major mood-killer. But it’s totally awk to hook up without kissing, right? Instead of going for mouth-on-mouth action, put your lips on the rest of his upper body to get things started.

Do It Like Dogs…or Starfish…or Directionally Challenged Cowgirls

Doggy-style, the starfish position, and reverse cowgirl (in which your limbs are outstretched and he’s on top of you, rotated about 45 degrees) keep bad breath from ruining the mood.

Or Skip Intercourse Completely

And go for oral. This is a great option if you’re in a rush since it doesn’t require foreplay. Blow his mind and wake him up by straddling his chest—he’ll get the idea. Then reciprocate the favor. (Bonus: he’s likely to finish quickly since guy’s testosterone peaks and they’re often horniest at this hour.)

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