• Philanthropist Karangu Muraya cautioned women against trusting their close friends with their husbands
  • The sentiments elicited mixed reactions, as women shared how they were heartbroken for being too trusting
  • However, others questioned why one would date a partner that they would not trust with another woman

Kenyan women have opened up about why they don’t trust their close friends with their husbands.

Kenyan women shared how their friends cheated with their husbands. Photo: FG Trade. Source: Getty Images

Kenyan women shared how their friends cheated with their husbands. 

Kenyan women betrayed by close friends

The discussion started on Thursday, April 13, when philanthropist Karangu Muraya cautioned women to keep their friends away from their husbands.

“Dear women, no matter how you trust your female friends. Never bring them close to your man. Thank you,” he posted on Facebook.

The message evoked reactions from many women, with some saying they learned the lesson the hard way. However, others questioned the morals of the friends people keep and the men they date.

Here are some of the comments:

Annie Mungai:

“I once brought my cousin to my house to stay with us, she kept telling me I had a good bed. Little did I know they were waiting for me to go to work and enjoy themselves.”

Smart Shish:

“Not every man looks at a woman and thinks of intimacy. Some men were taught moral values.”

Sarah Mbijiwe:

“If your friends and man have no boundaries, it tells a lot about you. You are the people you hang around with.”

Prophetess Monicah

“Good and true advice.”

Betty Bayo:

“What kind of friends do people keep? Or what kind of men do you date?”

Waigumo Nancy:

“You are right. I can write a novel with the title Betrayed by a Friend.”

Shiru Wa Muthee:

“I am a victim and still blame myself because I never learn.”

Ellen Muhoro:

“You’re right. I learned that the hard way.”

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