Lagos state government reopens schools on the 3rd of August for Pri 6, jss3 and ss3 classes only.


The Lagos state government today announced it would be reopening schools for only transitional classes SS3 and TEC3 beginning from Monday, August 3.

The state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, announced this at a press conference this afternoon. He said SS3 and TEC3 students will be allowed to come in for revision and their examination and that two weeks later, JSS3 and Primary six students will be allowed to resume for classes.


For the avoidance of doubts, students in impacted by this directive will be in the transitional classes JS3, SS3 and TEC3 in Technical Educational schools.

The commencement date for this will be Monday, August 3, 2020. SS3 and TEC3 will be the ones to start but for JS3 and Primary six, we will wait for another one or two weeks to see how we take in the first set of TEC3 and SS3 before they now subsequently reopen.

This permitted openning will apply only to day school. No boarding activity of any sort is permitted at this time” he said


The governor added that tertiary institutions in the state remain closed for now

”Tertiary institutions will remain closed. We continue to support online teaching during this period.” he said


He said school authorities are expected to prepare well from now till August 3.




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