• It was a tearful moment as two brothers kissed each other goodbye in the hospital in a trending clip
  • The 92-year-old man stood up from the wheelchair and slowly walked to his brother on the hospital bed
  • He leaned forward as he tightly embraced him for one last time before he departs from his ailing brother

Two elderly men have captured the hearts of many social media users with their heartwarming gesture.

Brothers say goodbye with an emotional hug. Photo: Darcy Ellis. Source: Facebook

Brothers say goodbye with an emotional hug. 

Brother visits bedridden sibling

Both were brothers and the elder one had visited the younger sibling at the hospital.

The little brother was bedridden and also looked weak perhaps because of old age and health.

“92-year-old big brother saying goodbye to his little brother. This is your sign to tell your family you love them,” read the caption on the video.

Standing from wheelchair in hospital

The elder brother who sat on a wheelchair stood up and approached his brother on the bed.

He leaned forward as he hugged his brother as they bade each other goodbye In the emotional moment.

“I love you,” the nonagenarian said as he clutched on his brother who could not let him go.

They slowly let each other go with sad faces as others watched heartbreakingly.

Netizens’ reaction

Many social media users headed to the comment section to share their heartfelt reactions.

Waqas Ilyas:

“Everything in our life we can replace easily and forget it easily except parents, brothers and sisters they are our hope, trust, and true love and also true supporters ❤️.”

Eye Vanz:

“Sad reality in life…saddest part..hard to say goodbye…but God promised eternal life where you have the chance to be with them again no more pain no more sufferings no more tears no ending …’just happiness’…☝.”

Peris Maina:

“What a moment makes me miss my late grandfather so much . Good memories and legacy live on ❤️.”

Sahar Luna Danish

“This is reality. This will be every one of us someday. Count your blessings and live each day as if it were your last. Don’t hurt anyone, live and let people live.”

Boy cries on sister’s wedding

In a different story, a TikTok video showed a brother breaking into tears as his elder sister bade him bye to get married.

The boy was heartbroken to say goodbye to his sibling, who tried to comfort him as they warmly hugged in the viral video.

Many TikTok users were moved and touched by the unbreakable bond between the two as some noted it was a hard moment.