Maryam Mustapha Aminu Waziri Tambuwal Legacy initiative


She has been a shining example in championing the cause of the less privileged and more vulnerable people in society being women and children, as a way of giving governance a human face in the state, and all, through the vehicle, Maryam Mustapha Aminu Waziri Tambuwal Legacy initiative (MMAWT).
This initiative which noble focus beams at mobilizing the youth, caring for the elderly and vulnerable, women from all strata of the society, seeks to drive and achieve the developmental agenda of the present administration in areas of going green, water and sanitation, employment, empowerment, talent identification and management, skills acquisition, education and trainings, creating more awareness on environmental sustainability, access to quality health care and general societal well-being.
Essentially, the initiative contains some components of education, enlightenment, mobilisation and participation under a carefully designed people oriented and participatory initiative that will promote and actualise ideas, setting of business ventures and skilled activities for the rural poor, less privileged, grassroots and other less empowered members of the society.
The MMAWT Legacy Initiative empowerment programme is conceived to serve as an enabler of small business ownership and entrepreneurship for the people of Sokoto state.
“With linkages of the Education initiative, we will empower the people economically by implementing sustainable micro empowerment schemes supporting individuals and groups in setting up and scaling their businesses” Hajiya Tambuwal says.
“However, MMAWT will narrow the empowerment initiative to women and youth micro businesses at the most vulnerable level of society. Women are major contributors to the income of households, yet are the most discriminated and our programs will focus on expanding women’s economic opportunities”.
“It is our strong belief that empowering women and youth through pragmatic programs will help in reducing the poverty and unemployment levels in the society,” Hajiya Maryam further avers.
In order to record meaningful results and achieve result-oriented impact assessment on the initiative, a workable synergy is in place for easier coordination and linkages between government and identified stakeholders in the scheme.
With a commitment to education, enlightenment mobilisation and participation, MMAWT seeks to set up businesses and skilled based ventures right from the grassroots of less empowered members of society.
“We will also focus on key economic areas of strength in Sokoto state especially, agribusiness, postproduction, storage and processing as well as micro service businesses” Hajiya stressed.
MMAWT has also shown unbridled resolve in the support of various education intervention initiatives by providing scholarships, refurbishing and building classrooms in remote villages, while at the same time improving access to the girl-child education and adult literacy programmes.
Clearly a woman with a deep passion of eradicating abject poverty by creating sustainability, access to education, quality health care and sustainable means of livelihood to families and communities across the state, Hajiya Tambuwal has hailed the pact which the Sokoto State government entered into with UNICEF last year on areas of health, nutrition, education, water, sanitation and hygiene, referring to it as a “laudable breakthrough” and which according to her, paves way for greater access by women and children in the scheme of things across all nooks and crannies of the state, promising that MMAWT initiative will galvanize support for the successful implementation of the designed agreement, in line with best global practices. Thus far, laudable humanitarian activities have successfully been achieved with the determination to do more.
Hajiya Maryam Tambuwal undoubtedly a woman of focus and excellence has also left indelible imprints on the private sector across the Telecoms industry, Oil and Gas, IT and Energy. Having set up Oracle integrated Services (OIS) Limited, an IT strategy, planning and business firm in 2006; the company in 2007 successfully organised the country’s first ever presidential campaign poll.
Hajiya Tambuwal is a product of the Federal Government Girls College, Kazuare as well as the Bayero University in Kano. She has further studied various management and business courses at the London Business School, Lagos Business School, Havard University and Wharton Business School in the US.
Without any shade of doubt an accomplished woman and a great inspiration to the womenfolk, Hajiya Tambuwal’s roots are also pretty interesting;
Her father, the late Malam Mustapha Balarabe was a close confidant and associate of late Nigerian statesman, Malam Aminu Kano who formed the People’s Redemption Party(PRP) in the 2nd Republic. Her father was a member of the House of Representatives during Alhaji Shehu Shagari’s Presidency, while her late mother who was a businesswoman had roots in Guinea and Sierra Leone.
Hajiya Maryam Tambuwal is the niece of Justice Mariam Aloma Mukhtar, who was the 14th Chief Justice of Nigeria and the first woman to achieve that feat.
Apparently with origins that have blazed trails and left impressive imprints in the sands of time, Hajiya Maryam Aminu Tambuwal seems poised to take the notches even leaps higher with her passion for the improvement of humanity, committedly driven by the Maryam Mustapha Aminu Waziri Tambuwal Legacy initiative (MMAWT).

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