Megan Thee Stallion Claims Tory Lanez‘Shot’ Her: He Needs To ‘Stop Lying’



One day after revealing photos of a bullet wound on her foot, Megan Thee Stallion made the bold claim that Tory Lanez is the one who “shot” her. Megan accused the rapper of shooting her in a bombshell Instagram Live session on Aug. 20, one month after Tory was arrested on a gun charge after they left a house party in the Hollywood Hills together. Immediately after she made the claim, which we have not independently confirmed, HollywoodLife reached out to Tory’s camp for comment, but we did not hear back by the time of publication.

Megan started off her Instagram Live video on Thursday evening by making one thing clear: she’s not the type to “go and run and tell [her] business” to the Internet or the police. However, Megan said she was not “going to let y’all keep playing” Tory in her face. And then, she made her major allegation: “Yes…Tory shot me.” She then seemingly addressed him personally and said, “You shot me. and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs, lying and s–t…stop lying.”

Megan then rehashed what she claims happened after the party that she and Tory attended together. “I was just trying to get home, we was five minutes away from my spot. The police come, I’m scared,” the “WAP” rapper continued. She claimed the police officer that approached her and Tory’s vehicle was “really aggressive,” so she didn’t want to say that they had a gun inside.

However, Megan now regrets staying silent. “Even though he shot me, I tried to spare him [at the time],” Megan said. “I go through so much s–t on a daily basis anyways….[Tory’s] not in jail because I didn’t tell the [police] what happened, and I should have. I’m smart. I didn’t have to spare [Tory]. But I did. And I’m done.”

Megan claims Tory shot her for “no reason.” She then seemingly addressed Tory again, saying, “Stop acting like Black women is the motherf–king problem, stop acting like Black women is aggressive…stop spreading lies…you shot me, you scared to come tell everybody that you f–king shot me.”


Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez’s police report from his arrest on July 12, 2020. (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

Megan also took to Twitter that very same night and wrote, “Lie one more time and ima quit sparing you”, but it’s not clear who she was talking to or referring to.

Tory has not yet responded to Megan’s allegations, which remain unconfirmed. However, one day before she made the accusation, the Los Angeles District Attorney addressed the situation in a statement provided to HollywoodLife, and said they were still investigating the situation. “On July 24, our office asked law enforcement for further investigation before making a filing decision on a charge of felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm – personal use of a firearm, against Daystar Peterson [Tory’s real name],” they told us.

In an Instagram Live session in July, Megan said that she was “shot in both of [her] feet” and “had to get surgery” to remove the bullets. “It was super scary,” she said at the time.

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