Next Jan. 15 is the fourth edition of the Milano Reptiles Meeting, one of the most important international reptile, amphibian, insect, terrarium and accessory exhibitions/market in Europe. Gabriele Di Cianni is the one who organizes the fair.

Milano Reptiles Meeting 2023, Di Cianni: “I serpenti non prendono le misure”

Milano Reptiles Meeting 2023, Di Cianni: “I serpenti non prendono le misure”© Provided by Collectme

Gabriele, where did your passion for animals come from?

“My mother, a natural science graduate, introduced me to the world of animals. I have always been attracted to the less conventional ones. I started by opening a blog for enthusiasts and we have come this far.”

On Sunday, Jan. 15, the fourth Milano Reptiles Meeting is scheduled to take place in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy)…

“More than 100 of the best exotic animal breeders from all over the world are expected to attend. It will be an opportunity for those who are not familiar with this world to see some really special exotic animals.”

Is there anything in particular worth coming to the fair for?

“I would say you can find anything and everything. Let’s just say that seeing animals with a different coloring than they have in the wild always has a certain effect.”

What are the most beloved animals? The ones that are easiest to find in the homes of enthusiasts?

“Royal python, leopard gecko and Pogona vitticeps.

Some people say it is dangerous to keep a python in the home….

“Look, the little story about the python lying on the bed and taking its owner’s measurements I’ve heard for many, many years, but I can assure you there is no truth to it. Snakes don’t take measurements.”

Appointment with Milano Reptiles Meeting next January 15 (from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.), at the E-Work Arena in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy).