Prophet Sunday Balogun, Founder and General Overseer of The Garden of Love and Deliverance Ministry Replicates Jesus Miracle of Feeding the 5000 Multitudes.



It is almost statutory that people designated as men and women of God are excellent at unraveling sacred scriptures and religious texts seeing  them performing less than average in other endeavors  does nothing  to their reputation.
Prophet  Sunday  Balogun, Founder and General Overseer of The Garden of Love and Deliverance Ministry located in Masaka, Nasarawa State of Nigeria, breaks common sense. He is good at everything, from pastoring, to modern philosophy, performative activism, passion of transforming lives for the better, Prophet balogun  does not hesitate  to serve others and put into effect the manifold grace of God upon his life.
To most people  Prophet Balogun is only the vibrant, persuasive and diligent prophet  but what people don’t  know is that he is the same way in other areas. He takes responsibility  to all God has entrusted to him and even goes beyond  that to reach out to the less privileged,  widows, and the downtrodden in the society.
Prophet Balogun  is also a grassroots  person  who feels  the pains of those around his community,state  and country as a whole. so every opportunity  that comes his way he utilizes it to reach out to people, through giving out of scholarships, meeting  the needs  of people thereby making life very easy for all those he comes in contact with.
As a result  of the grace of God upon his life, Prophet Sunday Balogun is a true Christian and a prophet of God who believe in following  the commandments  of God as stated.
The prophet in commemoration of his birthday is feeding over 5000 people less privileged people living within the suburb of Abuja and Nassarawa state.
A rare feat in this generation, a man with the vision of leadership and administrative abilities, the prophet is a gift to our generation.
Our prayer is that God send powerful and great men of God like prophet  Balogun.



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