‘Stay away,’ Europeans tell British tourists.


Simon Calder

Most citizens of top holiday nations do not want UK holidaymakers, a YouGov poll has found.

As England prepares to relax quarantine rules for travellers returning from Spain, opinion in the UK’s favourite holiday nation appears strongly opposed to British visitors.

Sixty-one per cent of Spanish people polled said they did not want UK holidaymakers. That compares with 46 per cent average opposition to tourists from other European countries.

The second-most popular nation for British travellers, France, is almost as antagonistic with 55 per cent of respondents unhappy to see UK holidaymakers. The average for other European nationalities is 38 per cent.

The only nationalities less popular than the British are Americans and Chinese people.

In Italy, though, only 44 per cent of locals are against British visitors (10 per cent higher than the average for other travellers from Europe).

Out of major EU nations, Italians are also the most likely potential visitors to the UK – with 15 per cent saying they would consider visiting this summer. That compares with only 13 per cent of Spanish people, and just five per cent of French citizens.

Danes and Norwegians are almost as reticent, with only six per cent contemplating a visit to Britain.

The survey also looked at the UK propensity to travel abroad.

Both Spain and France are being considered by 21 per cent of prospective British holidaymakers. The surprise third place is taken by Germany, with 18 per cent of UK travellers considering a visit. They would not, though, be universally welcomed, with 58 per cent of Germans wanting borders closed to British travellers.

The impact of the coronavirus crisis is proving devastating.

Matthew Smith of YouGov said: “The vast majority of people who might normally consider going somewhere on holiday are refusing to do so specifically because of coronavirus.

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