Stop calling my man gay – Ex Ultimate Love guest, Dr Cherry Osigwe tells haters


Dr Cherry Osigwe, one of the guests on the Ultimate Love competition, has issued a stern warning to haters who are in the habit of calling her man, Michael Ngene, gay.


Cherry and Michael met on the Love show a couple of months ago and have remained a couple after the show ended. Apparently, some persons have been accusing Michael of being a gay man, and they stormed Cherry’s page on Instagram to drag him.


In a post she shared on her IG page, Cherry asked the internet trolls to stop making such an accusation. According to her, their sex life is great.


LISTEN! LISTEN!! Enough of all this Bullshits If you know that you (if you’re a man), your father, your brother, your son and your grandfather have NEVER fucked @officialmichaelngene my Man’s ass, neither has he Ever fucked their ass…then you better STOP calling my Man “Gay” If you want to throw insults, feel free to use a normal insult not an expensive one like calling him “gay” unless you are gay or have gay in your family that he has fucked then let’s see receipts.

If after this Warning  your mannerless self continue calling him “gay” then be rest assured that you and all your generations will surely birth gays and shall be punished in both earth and in hell (Mak I enter midnight prayer for all of una senseless trolls)
Or better still sue and arrest y’all for defamation of character

FYI ! Our sex life lacks nothing as we both are very vibrant (feel free to keep imagining but stay off my Man” she wrote

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