The PayDay Revolution from Fidelity is here

1 hour ago


Yomi needed to pay his Son’s school fees, send money to Mama and pay for a flight booking all before 12pm. But he was waiting for his salary on payday to do all these things. Alas, if only he could be sure that it would enter his account in time so he could get all these things done.

The concept of payday either brings with it hopeful anticipation of needs being met on the one hand and on the other hand, the apprehension that the money wouldn’t be received in time to settle overdue needs… like Yomi.

Have you ever thought to yourself – ‘what if I could pay my salary myself?’

Well, with Fidelity Bank’s new offering, Pay Yourself, you have the ability to pay your salary yourself via USSD between midnight of payday and the end of the month.

Watch out for more details coming your way soon.

Oh, back to Yomi, he found out about the Fidelity Pay Yourself service offering and was able to convince his organization to sign up to it.

Contact Fidelity Bank on social media (@fidelitybankplc) for more

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