Top reasons why couples get divorced


Every couple experiences love and marriage in their own unique way. Similarly, the experience of falling out of love is unique, too. But what’s the final straw in the breakup of a marriage? From incompatibility of lifestyles to dishonest behavior, couples decide to divorce for many reasons. However, research has found that some grounds for parting company appear to be more common across specific cultures and generations. Curious?

Financial problemsFinancial problems

Difficulties making ends meet or having a partner who overextends the budget may cause stress in a marriage.If you’re always being asked for money, then maybe your partner finds financial responsibility a challenge?

Lack of intimacyLack of intimacy

Physical and emotional intimacy plays a vital role in a happy and healthy marriage. And while it’s impossible to keep up the honeymoon phase, it doesn’t mean that intimacy should disappear.Apart from sex, intimacy also involves paying attention to your spouse. And when these small acts of intimacy dissipate, it can lead to a downward spiral in the overall quality of a relationship. 


Extramarital affairs are a pretty obvious reason why people get divorced. But surprisingly, many married couples have dealt with infidelity issues and found a way to stay together.But the reality is that infidelity fundamentally changes the union. It erodes trust and leads to a breakdown in communication, which may lead to divorce. 

Domestic violenceDomestic violence

Domestic violence can be any pattern of abusive behavior in an intimate relationship that’s used to maintain power or control. Domestic violence isn’t only about physical assault. Common signs of an abusive relationship include persistent blaming, intimidation, manipulation, and/or social isolation.

Lack of compatibilityLack of compatibility

Opposites may attract, but similarities are what bind. With no shared interests, you’ll either start spending less time with each other as you pursue your respective hobbies and passions, or give them up in favor of your spouse’s interests. Ultimately, this will build resentment and weaken the bond you share. 

Physical appearancePhysical appearance

Drifting apart due to changes in each other’s physical appearance may sound shallow and unfair. But it’s sadly a real reason why some marriages end. Changes in physical appearance can impact your level of intimacy, self-esteem, and many other aspects of your life, including health. 

Substance abuse and addictionSubstance abuse and addiction

Addiction, such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and gambling, creates an unstable family environment. It can also give rise to other issues, like psychological problems, heated arguments, financial problems, and physical abuse.

Communication problemsCommunication problems

A breakdown in lines of communication is one of the biggest predictors of divorce. Couples who don’t communicate well are unable to solve issues together and tend to create more misunderstanding. Lack of communication turns problem-solving sessions into shouting matches, verbal jousting that eventually kills love, intimacy, and respect in your relationship. 

Marrying too youngMarrying too young

One big reason couples cite for getting a divorce is not being fully prepared for marriage in the first place. Divorce rates are highest for couples who are in their 20s, and almost half of all divorces take place within the first ten years of marriage. In some cases, young married couples haven’t matured enough and don’t understand how to communicate effectively. Without experience to guide them, a lack of maturity will often overtake a calmer, more measured approach to marital problems.

Getting married for the wrong reasonsGetting married for the wrong reasons

Some people who get married have unreasonable expectations about what the union should be about. They then become bitterly disappointed when the fairy tale doesn’t match up to reality. You may be blind to the other’s imperfections, or taken by how attractive they appear while overlooking other character flaws. Whatever, this isn’t real life.

Lack of equality and identityLack of equality and identity

Early signs of inequality in a marriage might include double standards or having one partner make all the decisions. Couples can quickly lose their individual identity, and equality issues can become more prominent when children are involved. 

Too much arguing and conflictToo much arguing and conflict

Fights and arguments are inevitable, and while differences of opinion are healthy, there needs to be a common ground. Endless arguments and poor conflict resolution may take a toll on the relationship and lead to divorce.

Unrealistic expectationsUnrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations about where you’ll live, the way the household should be run, and even how you’ll be treated as a spouse are common reasons for divorce and assuming things will be better after you are married may be a warning sign of expectations unfulfilled. 

Mismatched valuesMismatched values

Differences of opinion about religion, culture, gender, sexuality, and even one’s political alliance have more impact on a relationship than you’d imagine. When two spouses have opposing values and/or morals, the marriage is likely to turn into a crisis.  

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