8 Unforgettable Date Ideas For Your Next Outing


When you have just started a new relationship, you and your boo are all over each other and despite that being too much for others, you can’t help yourself but ride in all the emotional fever.After the waves die down, you come back to reality and the frequent dates stop and at times, completely stop. You are left wondering what went wrong and have made a few attempts of rekindling the spark.

We share a few date ideas that will help you to get things back on track once again.

Go For A Picnic.

If you are tired of going to restaurants or closed spaces, going for a picnic in an open garden provides a new twist. You can go to the park or if you have a large backyard, you can convert it to a date spot.

Check your Weather App for the daily weather report, grab two blankets, a six-pack of beers or a bottle of wine, and a variety of fresh baked goods and snacks for a seasonal park visit.

For a fun twist, each person can make a picnic lunch for the other, and then you trade.

Have A Spa Day.

This will be one of the most relaxing dates ever. All you need to do is chose a spa where both of you can be by yourselves.

Enjoy as the masseuse works on your muscles. You might not talk as much, but the moment will produce amazing memories.

If you are intimidated by a spa experience, you can replicate this experience at home by having a relaxing bath, calming face masks, manicures and the list goes on.

Try A New Dinner Recipe.

If you’ve been meaning to try out a new recipe that you saw on YouTube or something exquisite you had when dining out, now is the time to try it out.

He may be familiar with it or he might not be familiar so this can be an adventurous experience for the birth of you. How exciting that the both of you get to prepare food for your own date!

Play A Board Game

Normally, you invite your friends and have a game night but this time, this will happen only between the two of you. Give the TV a break and reconnect over a board game. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk and get in some much-needed laughter.

Plan A Movie Marathon.

We’ve all got that Netflix list with saved films we’ll get to watch “one day.” Well, I know I do. Spending more time at home means both of you can get around to watching the movies you always said you would. Take it in turns one evening to each pick a flick off your bucket list and make the night extra special with a few finishing touches.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City.

Sometimes it may seem as though you have visited all the places in your city. However, if you are keen enough, you will realise that there are some hidden gems waiting for you to explore.

Find these places and plan a date out with your partner in one of these places. You can also take a game drive at Nairobi National Park or simply lounge and bond in one of the many parks we have around the city.

Test Your Karaoke Skills.

One of the things that make dating fun is allowing yourselves to be silly. Go for karaoke and have some fun, challenge your partner to a fun-filled game of karaoke or sing some of your favourite tunes. This is guaranteed to boost your spirit.

Tackle A Puzzle.

You’ll both find satisfaction in completing a challenging puzzle. Just add a bottle of wine to the mix for the perfect date night

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