Marriage is work in progress with simple acts of love


Most women crave love, emotional connection and support as these elements are key to striking the right balance between fulfilling their dreams and serving the needs of their significant other in their marriages.

However, the average man wants to feel secure, valued and responsive within reasons and when these requirements are unsustainable, it can make him feel anxious and insecure. Marriage can be complex, and a successful marriage has different meanings to different couples. Today, many marriages fail due to the couples’ perception of success, forgetting that marriage is work in progress and the simple acts of selflessness can go a long way in building a long-lasting love and friendship in marriage.

Appreciate time spent together

The essence of marriage is to strengthen your friendship, relationship and build companionship. Friendship is critical in life as it creates a sense of commitment and responsibility towards each other. Studies have shown that those who lack companionship are more likely to fall victim to mental and physical illnesses, especially today where people are less compassionate and supportive. Life is too short to waste it away in conflict and regrets, the zeal to live longer and enjoy life better becomes more significant when you know that someone cares about you and has your best interest at heart. This can also boost your health, well-being and your happiness.

Serve each other with humility

When couples focus on traditions and cultural expectations alone, they can lose their sense of direction, especially in cultures where women are naturally inclined to serve their men. True happiness in marriage is found in doing the simple things many take for granted, like serving your spouse, which is a selfless act that brings greater accomplishments and a huge sense of humility into your marriage. The greatest problems facing many marriages today is the lack of service, which makes it more difficult to embrace and manage success as a couple. Serving will allow you to identify opportunities, embrace as well as manage each other’s successes and breed respect on common ground to share your opinions and make decisions that affect your lives, marriage, and family too.

Be content and improve your happiness

Some people strive so hard for happiness in their marriages due to their mindset of the things that truly make them happy, which also affects the way they feel about their spouse, especially during challenging times. Financial stress is one of the biggest challenges in marriages, and it can cause constant conflicts when certain needs are not being met. When your happiness is only triggered by the big things over the little steps your spouse takes daily to make you happy, you are more likely to battle with contentment when the small acts of love expressed become insignificant.

Do not compare and lose your joy

Marriage is a big commitment, and this can often be misconstrued, especially when your expectations define your understanding of a responsible partner. If you have placed your husband on the status quo of societal expectations rather than focus on his uniqueness as an individual, this can lead to disappointment and uncertainty in your marriage. Comparing yourself to your husband is equally unhealthy as it can cause jealousy, resentment and insecurity in your lives and relationship too.

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