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Sometimes, when people deal with pain, they often say something along the lines of “Time heals all wounds.” However, is that all there is to help a person heal from pain?

While it could be true that time is a good factor that contributes to the process of healing, it is not the sole factor in the process. To think that time alone will heal your wounds, and see this as reason enough to leave things as they are, is to leave things to chance.


When people uphold statements of this kind, they are either ignorant or they have chosen to deflect and when people deflect, they condition themselves to live under the pretext that to be strong and show that they are strong they need to look away from their pain and look to time instead, to heal their pain.

However, the implication of this is that as the days go by, they choose to believe that the pain will dissipate, slowly but surely which is not true.

This then begs the question, what heals your wounds?

Time with effort will heal your wounds. To heal, you need to work hand-in-hand with time. Choosing to deflect will rob you of the peace that’s on the other side of facing your pain and healing properly. Also, you need to identify what the problem is and acknowledge it. Then work around the knowledge that you have gathered and seek help when necessary.

Above all, you need to believe that healing from the pain you’re going through is possible. So, you won’t throw in the towel if time happens to move slowly.

What are other ways to heal that you know of?

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